Spirit N' Soul Body Products

Natural healing from inside out...

Who is Spirit N' Soul Body Products?

We are a wellness company that hates to see people suffer in any capacity, whether it's spiritually, emotionally, or physically.  We believe in healing the total being naturally, from inside out...Spirit, Soul, and Body. . When these three parts operate together, we can become all God created us to be, becoming more prosperous and experiencing greater success.

It is our mission to inform others about alternative ways of caring for ourselves in a more natural way. Our jewelry and apparel lines offer just the right amount of encouragement to get through the day, while our skincare products are natural & organic from Africa, and have no known side effects if used responsibly. 

So join us at Spirit N' Soul Body Products, and experience natural healing from inside out!

 "Got this beautiful cap for my birthday, and it's my favorite color... I love it!!"

Stephanie R.
Corpus Christi, Tx

"I absolutely love this shea butter... It's better than lip balm!  Thanks Ms. B! Thank you for a product that sells itself because it does what it says it will do."

Darryl W.
Irving, Tx
I Really like the Oils, they last throughout the day and won't give your skin that greasy feeling in the Hot weather!!! The owner is Dedicated to providing you with the information of All her products!!! 3 Cheers to Spirit N Soul Body Products!!!
Joseph B. Fort Worth, Tx

Donna Jones-Brandon

Owner & Founder of Spirit N' Soul Body Products

Thank you for visiting Spirit N' Soul Body Products. Your purchases help families in Africa move toward self suffiency by providing meals and clothing for families, education for children, etc. So to that, we say, "Thank you"!!

We are a mobile company in the DFW area. Visit us on Facebook to find where we'll be next!  :)

Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday

9am-5pm by appt only

Saturday - vendor shows in DFW area

Sunday - Closed